What Is Shared Web Hosting All About?

The opposite of Dedicated Web Hosting. Don’t worry, I am going to explain it further. In a nutshell, Shared Web Hosting plans (some companies offer very affordable web hosting services) that let you host your website on a web server that is shared with other web sites. You website not just shares the web server’s software, but also the hardware.

Wikipedia’s take on this question? “Each site ‘sits’ on its own partition, or section/ place on the server to keep it separate from other sites. This is generally the most economical option for hosting as many people share the overall cost of server maintenance.”

Shared Web Hosting is one of the most popular web hosting services. And why not? Unless you need all the resources of the server for your website, this is the cheapest hosting service available. The cost of the hardware and the Internet are shared by more than one client, automatically cutting down individual costing for the clients.

The service provider offers to serve pages of multiple websites (that have a domain name of their own) from a single web server. Even though this is the least expensive way for a business to create a web presence, it is not suitable for websites with high traffic. The resources are either not enough to keep the site running efficiently or it eats up the space allotted to the other clients.

When is Sharing Good?

Not always! For companies that need to get many of their websites hosted, it is a good option.This service not only comes at a cheaper price than others, but also makes it easy for you to administer your web sites. Every hosting provider offers a control panel for you to add domains, set up email accounts, review server logs, upload files and install scripts. Some popular control panel softwares include cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, Helm, vDeck and Virtuozzo Power Panel.

Even though the pricing is really attractive, there are a few drawbacks of Shared Web Hosting and you might want to consider the following before opting for it:

  • Slower And Less Reliable. If one of the sites hosted on the shared server eats up into more server resources than allocated, a server malfunction makes all other sites suffer as well
  • Dedicated SSL Support Is Rare. Even though you purchase an IP address to use on a shared server, most of the providers don’t let you use your own SSL Certificate.
  • Security. If an insecure script is installed by one on the website users on the shared server, the security of the other websites hosted on the same server may get affected.

Most Shared Web Hosting servers use Linux, but many Windows Shared Hosting servers are available now. Shared Web Hosting service is accomplished by either name based or IP based mapping. Name based mapping makes use of the same IP address for all the websites hosted on the shared server and the websites are accessed by their names. IP based mapping uses the IP address of the websites and is required only when using a dedicated SSL certificate.

So, when you’re getting your site hosted on a server, take into consideration the services you might need and how much control you desire over your website’s functionalities. That might just save you from the dilemma of having to change hosts at a later time.

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