7 major points about choosing right design for your magento ecommerce platform

The Magento, Website Design India is becoming very popular among the website designers and eCommerce websites owner and e-Commerce development companies in the country, even India is in the list of favorite destinations to outsource Magento website design work, the Indian professional successfully leave the footprint in this field.


The flexibility and the open source nature make the choice of several and they preferred this platform for E-Commerce website today, several web stores now using Magento due to user friendly and attractive layout design. Although, there are several open source e-commerce platforms for choose, Magento, Joomla and WordPress these are the big and branded names in the field, many more also in the list, but Magento provide more flexibility to alter or modify the elements of website whenever required

Open Source Technology

Nowadays, the online e-commerce stores have revolutionized the traditional shopping experience, and on a big level the Magento is responsible for this, this open source platform changes the situation dramatically, today’s buyers preferring online shopping instead of manually shopping. There are also other well known platforms such as WordPress, and Joomla that can use easily.

Secure Payment Gateway

This platform uses both key and alternate payment system and support to Paypal, Google, Amazon as well as pay through check or money order.

SEO Friendly Structure

Every website URL structure is an important factor to make website search engines friendly, and the magneto has this facility in the building, it provides SEO friendly URL structure as well as other SEO tools that can help to get more and more costumer on your online web store

Single control Panel

It makes possibility to control multi Magento Stores by a simple admin panel, in addition, user can keep the eyes on current sales trends to know what required more or what’s required less or no need to purchase in this session.

Advance Technology

This platform has some more advance feature and advanced reporting is one also from them, analysis, features make analyze the current sales trends more effective and useful. Also have the ability to connect several Magento Stores in single admin panel, so that the user has not to check each individually.

No Licensing Fees

The open web source technology cost advantage is one of the most obvious and important advantage that attract user at a mass level, you have not to pay charges for any kind of licensing fees, the software is for use without charges under license for use. The Open source software simply downloads, install and ready for use within minutes.

Professional Coding and design structure

Magento comes in three different editions that listed below…
• Community
• Professional
• Enterprise

It has very active and professional developers and users’ community where you can share your problems, ideas, question and other related information. As well as it allows user to to upload high resolution images on your website so that visitor can get an idea from the picture.

These are major benefits why you should use or switch to Magento platform if you are not using it, and if your mind change and you want to adopt this platform and looking for  hire only professional so that you can trust your project in sage hand, then Magento Website Design by Magento Authority is the right choice for you, an experience and professional designer and developer team that understand not only code but also your requirement, and work in a proper and professional manner.

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